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"Industrial Chic" Downtown Art Studio


This "industrial chic" space has high ceilings, windows to let in natural light (or keep closed with shades), gas heat with circulating fans to help with air circulation/cooling, and concrete flooring. Comes furnished with 6 desks, 2 work tables suitable for 1 person each, 12 chairs, 6 stools, Pandora for Business music with built-in speakers, a rolling model stage, a French antique chair to pose models in, Persian rugs, 6 rolling laptop tables, a lounge area with couch, tea bar and coffee station. Two steps up to the kitchen, utility sink and bathroom (shared with adjoining business, one-man run frame shop). Large rolling barn door separates the classroom area with the adjoining business in the building. Classroom area only has wheelchair access. 21 person max (comfort level is 18 people). While using all desks/tables for a classroom environment, limiting students to 10 people is preferred for comfort and ease of access to students work area while teaching.


May be able to provide french easels, whiteboard, chalkboard, and more work tables upon request.

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