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Carole Gray-Weihman


At 22 years old, after a time of personal development and introspection,  following the loss of her mother, Carole made a vow to live her life to the fullest and pursue her passion. She decided to quit her day job and become a full-time painter. Fast forward three decades, she is now a devoted painter of what some might consider “the Color Visualist Movement” and others the “New American Impressionist Movement” — more specifically, she paints using the methods of the “Hawthorne-Hensche Principle.”

Light and color are Carole’s main inspirations—“Being inspired by what I see, ultimately has me searching for more. I try to look at what to eliminate or simplify to make a statement—to not just record the light effect, but the mood of the place or day. Often, we get too attached to a comfortable idea behind our work. We limit ourselves and the possibilities of our interpretations. As much as I’m passionate about interpreting the color and light effect of a scene, that’s usually just the springboard for me to dive deeper. Though I’ve spent over twenty years studying the Hawthorne/Hensche approach to seeing color, how I paint and what I teach comes from the culmination of that training, as well as personal introspection, and what I’ve learned by studying under many well-known painters of today.”

Her most significant artistic influence has been with her studies of the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle" with Camille Przewodek, a former student of Henry Hensche, from 1996 to 2007 in their shared studio space in Petaluma, CA. Carole has had the opportunity to study with other former students of Hensche, such as Cedric Egeli and his wife Joanette, at their home in Maryland and at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown since 1999 and with John Ebersberger of Maryland since 2007. She also had the privilege of studying landscape painting with Joseph Mendez, a former student of Russian master painter Sergei Bongart, in California and in Spain from 2000-2003.  From 2001-2006, she studied at the Scottsdale Artists' School Off-Site Workshops with nationally renowned painters Gay Faulkenberry, George Strickland, Kenn Backhaus, Skip Whitcomb, Matt Smith, and Ray Roberts. Since 2001, She's also had the privilege of sitting in on many workshops given by  Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Ray Roberts, Randall Sexton, Kevin Courter, and several others. Carole still enjoys continuing her training with nationally recognized painters as much as time allows, as she loves the process of continuing to learn, grow, and advance as a painter.

As well as being a PAL instructor, she currently teaches still-life and landscape workshops and classes in California, as well as several other locations across the country and abroad.

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